Webinars and video lectures-what to choose for pharmaceutical promotion and training?

Webinars and video lecturesWhen promoting drugs, there are certain restrictions on the interaction of medical professionals and representatives of pharmaceutical companies. In this regard, the implementation of remote communication projects is very promising for farmy. In this article, we propose to consider the webinars and video lectures as new tools for pharmaceutical promotion and training.


What is video lectures and webinars?

Video lectures and webinars-very handy tools for remote interaction, for example, for training.

Video lecture is a specially prepared video. An important advantage of video lectures-the ability to individualize the learning tempo. So, you can see a lecture at any time, you may replay and view snippets, change the playback speed.

If we talk about webinars (videoseminarah), there is an opinion that they allow to quickly discuss and resolve issues. But a question: whether webinars so functional?

So, let's get familiar with the concept of a "webinar". The webinar is educational or informational presentation, which is available only in the online mode. The most important party Webinar-lecturer at whose disposal the full range of tools to involve other parties. From the lecturer participants receive information and can interact with it and/or among themselves. For all participants, there is no need to go to a place of lectures: they are at their computers (tablets/smartphones), listen to the comments and see the lecturer's material.


Tools and features videolekcij and webinars.

Basic tools for any video lectures or webinar-this voice and video, but at our disposal and additional features, namely:

demo videos, slides, charts and photos. When this lecturer in parallel with demonstrations explains all the materials.

-engaging and interactive webinars only:

  • "drawing board"-a tool that allows you to make recordings, tagging images during the webinar
  • text chat is a very useful tool. You can ask and respond to questions in an online mode, group communication (messages seen by all participants) or communication between individual participants
  • test/questionnaires, voting and polls allow you to check the knowledge of the audience. This approach improves the quality of teaching.
  • Lecturer can transfer control to other participants, you can organize a joint review or work on documents thanks to the availability of the files on the computers of all participants

If we talk about videolekcijah, it is also possible to use test/questionnaires, polls, surveys, and questions to the lecturer.  This allows you to restore a monitoring function, learning and interaction between the lecturer and the audience. One thing though: this "communication" comes after the lectures, most likely via email and it's difficult to predict what the temporary resource required for such communication.

Regardless of the form of training, use of videolekcij and webinars opens up new perspectives: improving the availability of materials and an opportunity to attract more participants.

We offer to your attention a small video as a summary of the article:



Webinars and video lectures to some extent allow you to replace face-to-face meetings with the audience of virtual communication, keeping the effects of the "live". So what to choose? We believe that these instruments complement each other and very promising for training and promotion in the multi-channel pharmaceutical business and medicine.

In order to answer the question "does this form of learning our company?", we can only try!


Author: Victoria Terekhovich